House Rewiring Done Right!

Dealing with home rewiring can be a real pain. You know that your Anaheim home has older wiring and that you need to get experts out there to deal with the residential wiring inside your home. You know that knob and tube, cloth wrapped Romex and aluminum wiring can be a fire hazard and old electrical sockets can be a shock hazard. However, you worry about cost, walls being torn down and the power being off inside your Anaheim home. That’s why you need to call My Anaheim Electrician Hero.

What Do You Do Differently?

Well, our work is guaranteed to be done only by licensed electricians in Anaheim, CA. We are locally owned and operated. That means we can cut down on costs and that makes us the most affordable and qualified choice for a house rewire job like you need. We can do it right, with honest and friendly and knowledgeable electricians who get there on time and get the job done right.

How Long Does it Take?

It can depend on the size of your Anaheim home and the amount of wiring. Generally a few days to a few weeks.

Do You Tear Down Walls?

No! We are an electrical contractor with the tools and skills to work behind the walls that you have and to remove the old wiring and install the new residential wiring without tearing anything down.

Do We Sit in the Dark?

No! We can work from room to room and we shut down the power in each room, rather than the entire home. We turn the power back on at the end of each day and you don’t have to move out just watch your favorite TV shows every night.

The Risks?

If you don’t get a house rewire job done and have old wiring, you risk electrical shock hazards and you risk a fire starting behind the walls. Older wiring cannot handle the electricity and wattage demands of modern appliances and equipment. Each time you turn on a device, you risk a fire

What Now?

Call us today! We’ll give you a free estimate for residential rewiring in Anaheim, CA, and get out there fast!